Brake motors

Brake motors provide the means of slowing or stopping the driven equipment effectively and safely in very short time. KONČAR-MES brake motors are low-voltage standard motors modified for braking duties, i.e. three-phase induction motors with standard dimensions and output rating.


Our three-phase induction TEFC (IC 411) motors equipped with a fail-safe electromagnetic DC brake suitable for use in cranes, lifts, wood processing machines, machine tools, winches, gantry traveling cranes, rescue boat hoisting, upper and lower deck ship equipment and for other handling equipment, and generally in all places where stopping of mechanisms, fly-wheel masses or stopping due to disconnection from a power supply or danger is required.


Designed to meet the highest requirements of modern technology thanks to their modular design, they are easily adapted to various customer demands. Characterized by the high quality of used materials, greased for life bearings, weather and corrosion-resistant final coating, friction material without asbestos, and high dielectric strength insulation system fed by static frequency.


Series 5AZK – aluminum housing (56-160)

Series 7AZK – cast iron housing (90-315)


Power from 0.06-200 kW


KONČAR-MES production of brakes with up to 1300 Nm, with or without a release handle, also available in marine design. They have very strong structure, easy for assembling, and have quiet operation.

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