Centrifugal fans

KONČAR-MES series of centrifugal fans can be applied anywhere in connection to air flow. The entire range is widely used in the ventilation and cooling industry.


Design advantages include optimal efficiency, high air flow, and low energy consumption. A wide range of exhaust positions, geometries, housing thicknesses, and materials adjusted for different types of impellers is available.


Very flexible design and production allows the fulfillment of a customer’s most specific demands. Our program of centrifugal fans is developed to enable the realization of most combinations of volume flow and pressure by using direct drive fans. Because the fan production program is based on a modular system, most fans can be made from standard components. This enables a short production time and competitive prices.


Suction size: from 250 to 1120 mm

Available in explosion protected construction, for high temperatures, for the shipping industry or customized to specific customer requirements.

The operating temperature range for fans is standard from -20°C to + 40°C. We can produce fans on request for the temperature range from -20°C to + 50°C (+60°C) – construction for marine use.


The maximum temperature range is from -50°C to + 80°C for high-temperature fans.

Along with the fans, we can ensure the delivery of KONČAR-MES electric motors, closed versions, cooled in air flow, and insulation class F, series:

Series 5AZ56-160 aluminum housing

Series 7AZ90-315 cast iron housing

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