Chemical, oil and gas industry

KONČAR-MES has the experience and the know-how required to provide solutions to all companies in the chemical and oil and gas industry which demand high-security solutions as well as high-quality materials.

Explosion risk is very high in these industries. A minor mechanical failure may cause an excess of heat and trigger the explosion. It is very important to consider those factors when designing and using devices that must strictly meet the current ATEX standards.

Certified according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and IECEx scheme rules in compliance with the new international efficiency standard IEC 60034-30.

Protection type – Low-voltage three-phase motors (IE1, IE2, IE3) 0.09-200 kW

  • Increased safety “e“
  • Flameproof enclosure “d/de“
  • “n“ (non-sparking)
  • For application in Zone 21
  • For application in Zone 22

KONČAR-MES provides maximum operational safety, availability, and reliability even in extreme environments. Preconfigured option packages for chemical and oil and gas industry, such as specific coatings with category C4 corrosion protection, stainless steel screws and bolts, and industry-specific, extended warranty periods. Wide range of options, such as reduced inlet currents, motor monitoring, reinforced bearings, tropical climate version for extreme humidity, special coating systems, or offshore C5M-M classification.


    Motors for chemical industry pursuant to the recommendations and classifications according to VIK standards (VIK VE 01 January 2018) for operation in harsh environments and standard construction for less severe environments.

    Motors pursuant to the recommendations and classifications according to VIK standards give a quality, robust, reliable, and efficient product to our customers.

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