Marine motors

KONČAR-MES marine low-voltage motors up to 200 kW comply with all the major classification societies, shipyards, and manufacturers of the marine product range for applications such as fans, pumps, and compressors, hydraulic pumps, lifting and cargo systems, for offering economical and reliable high performance in harsh working conditions. Asynchronous cage electric motors in marine design can be used as an auxiliary drive on deck and in lower deck of the ship, as well as in industrial drives on the shore. The temperature load of the electric motor is adjusted to higher ambient temperatures on the ship as well as lower temperature environments (up to -50°C).

KONČAR-MES offers a complete range of low-voltage motors, ensuring a right motor for all needs, including harsh environments and explosive atmospheres (including ATEX brakes, ATEX encoders and ATEX forced cooling). Motors are available with an output range of up to 200 kW.


The motors are certified in all major international classification societies.



Main features of winch drives:

  • Anchoring, mooring, tugger, windlass
  • Motor sizes up to IEC315
  • Bi-directional drive, built-in motor brake, frequency inverter duty
  • Different overload options, increased mechanical protection
  • Up to three-speed motor drive
  • Automatic torque control
  • Certified for marine use
  • Control equipment for open deck and below deck installation
  • Other various options according to the customer’s request

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