Our values


KONČAR-MES wants to be recognized as a global quality manufacturer of electric motors and fans and a reliable partner to its customers and employees. We strive for constant growth in the development and improvement of our products and services, and alongside meeting the needs of our customers, we want to ensure business stability and a safe environment for our employees.


By constantly investing in people, equipment, and our products, we strive to strengthen our brand and continuously win new OEM customers in Croatia, the region, and abroad. Through quality and understanding of our customers’ needs, we want to keep and increase their trust, as well as the work and development of the company based on a socially responsible business.


By strengthening the team and experts in the fields that carry our organization, we want to continue to maintain and improve the quality of our service and products. Our main goal is to ensure the required quality of our products through implemented quality systems and investments in technology, development of new products through constant investment in our employees, and preservation of our environment and community through the smart use of available resources.

Integrated Management System Policy

Company’s Management Board Končar – MES Ltd. is aware of its social and public responsibility and responsibility towards surroundings and takes special care of Policy of Integrated Management System and measurable objectives for its implementation. Management Board assures all necessary resources for its efficient implementation and achievement of set objectives. Management Board takes special care about education of employees, analysis of current and newly occurred risks and optimizes system for removal and mitigation of its impacts.
This Policy clearly defines Company’s aspirations to continuous improvement of the Integrates Management System with objective of achievement of customer requirements and reaching their enthusiasm about product quality, time of delivery, future needs, and to usage of ecologically acceptable materials with application of applied standards and legal regulations. All employees are required to conduct this Policy and adopted objectives. Company is committed to sustainable development through continuous increase of satisfaction of customers, employees, owners, suppliers, and other relevant interested parties. In accordance with guidelines for sustainable development, we apply Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety System ISO 45001, and Quality Management System of explosion-proof devices according to EN/IEC 80079-34 and the company’s decision to implement the requirements of the Information Security Management System ISO 27001 adjusted to the needs of the organization into a defined scope.
Design, manufacturing, servicing of electrical motors, fans and drives for use in industry, shipbuilding, and explosive atmospheres.



Company Končar – MES Ltd. is present on European and global market for over 50 years, competing with the world’s most famous manufacturers. For that reason, Management Board determines quality policy, as integral part of Company’s business policy, with the following objectives: uniform quality of all products, satisfaction of customer needs and expectations, according to their specifications and contracts, complying to legal regulations and standards, and elimination of problems that may occur due to not complying to contracts, contract changes or decisions. Product technical characteristics at the level of world’s leading manufacturers and applicable standards; Customer participation in development of new product according to special requirements; Business stability and satisfaction of employees. For the realization of this Policy, Management Board is permanently included in work of all organizational functions, monitors conduction of this Policy and objectives, and has given the authorities and responsibilities to area directors for: quality work in a field of activity, motivating associates for quality work and providing the necessary resources.


Quality of production and repairing of Ex-proof products

Company Končar – MES Ltd. has determined Quality Policy for explosion-proof product, as integral part of business policy, with the following rules:

  • Stable quality and reliable safety of products, in accordance with certified documentation and type certificates.
  • Satisfaction of customer needs and expectations according to their specifications and contracts, complying to legal regulations and standards.



Company Končar – MES Ltd. is aware of its responsibility to surrounding environment. Environment Management is introduced in highest business priorities and objectives, planning, and monitoring of performance are performed as part of the Company’s yearly plan. Company has implemented Environment Management System according to ISO 14001 standard, whose consistent implementation continuously conducts education and motivation of employees, developing their awareness about environment preservation and prevention of its pollution, rational and efficient usage of energy and other natural resources, in order to decrease their consumption, and awareness about whole life cycle of the product.
Company manages all environment aspects decreasing negative impacts of its activities and continuously improving reached results of Environment Management System, entirely complying to national and European laws and regulations, and applying applicable standards. Company seeks to prevent occurrence of incidents through permanent supervision and preventive actions.
Environment Management Policy is public document, available to all interested parties through Company’s web pages, and is informed to all employees, who are mandatory for its implementation.


Occupational Health and Safety

In accordance with Croatian regulations, Company Končar – MES Ltd. permanently and systematically conducts identification of dangerous situations, evaluates and monitors risks that affect or may affect to health and safety of employees and others.
Company permanently and comprehensively plans, conducts and evaluates competence of all employees regarding work safety, conduct previous and periodic checks of employees health abilities, conducts exams: physical and chemical factors at work areas, building installations, machinery and devices with increased danger, and develops awareness and understanding about individual commitments of employees and encourages their active participation in creation, evaluation and improvement of occupational health and safety.


Information and cyber security

Company Končar – MES Ltd. has focused to consume to of the requirements of the Information Security Management System. In accordance with our commitment, we will ensure uninterrupted process and the integrity of all data we handle and ensure the smooth running of work processes. Our persistence in providing information security at the highest levels is based on; protection of information at several levels, identification of potential internal and external risks, malicious and accidental risks, continuous compliance with laws and regulations related to information and cyber security, enabling business continuity in crises and risks, education and raising awareness of employees in the field of information and cyber security and striving for continuous improvement according to examples of good business practice.

Why choose Končar-MES? 

  •  Manufacturer from Europe with its own production and development
  • Independence in the development of new products
  • Personal support for all customers
  • Worldwide customer satisfaction
  • Over 70 years of tradition
  • Direct project development with the customer
  • Access to all market trends
  • Continuous development of technologies, products, and investment in employee education
  • Short deadlines and reliable deliveries reduce storage costs
  • Environmental policy
  • Rational use of energy and raw materials

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