Shipbuilding industry

Our special compact motors are constructed for use under extreme stress conditions in the shipbuilding industry.

As well as supplying standard IEC marine application motors, we are able to produce motors with various special options (customer specific powers, worldwide used voltages, frequencies, speeds, various mounting positions, thermal protection, double and extended output shafts, class H insulation, special flanges, with or without fan cover, IC 410 cooling, winding heaters, regreasing nipples, forced ventilation, IP56/66 protection degrees and other options according to customer request).

One other important part of our production program is Ex protection for marine use motors in ATEX. Our whole production program (up to 200 kW) is covered by CESI and EX-Agency certificates. Motors can be of Ex db eb IIC, Ex db IIC, Ex eb or Ex ec design. We have certified products based on the criteria of the IACS organisation (BV, RMRS, etc.).


Main features of winch drives:

  • Anchoring, mooring, tugger, windlass
  • Motor sizes up to IEC 315
  • Bi-directional drive, built-in motor brake, frequency inverter duty
  • Different overload options, increased mechanical protection
  • Up to three-speed motor drive
  • Constant torque application
  • Certified for marine use
  • Control equipment for open deck and below deck installation
  • Other various options according to the customer’s request

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