Single-phase induction motors

Suitable for domestic requests and rural power supply conditions. Adaptable design is suitable for various applications and requests.

Series and sizes:

  • 5AZC 63-100 (run capacitor)
  • 5AZCD 71-100 (run and start capacitor)

KONČAR-MES single-phase TEFC (IC 411) induction motors are suitable for various applications such as:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Supply of compressed air
  • Pumping fluids 
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Small workshops
  • Households

Designed for reliability in everyday use, even under heavy working conditions, they also meet various customer demands because of their modular design. They are characterized by the high quality of used materials, greased for life bearings, durable insulating systems, and low running costs. Single-phase capacitor run 5AZC series motors that are particularly suitable for a wide range of drives, especially for those with an easy start, because of a high number of drives started with no load or under a very small load. They are especially suitable for driving fans, circular saws, grinding machines, centrifugal pumps, various mills, drilling machines, etc.


Single-phase capacitor run and capacitor start 5AZC series motors (motors with increased starting torque) that are suitable for use in drives in very harsh working conditions. They are intended for use in compressor drives, various squeezers, mills, thresher drives, and other heavy agricultural machines.


During the starting period, start capacitor is switched on at the same time as a run capacitor, and it is switched off by a centrifugal switch when the motor reaches around 80% of rated revolving speed. Terminal box of single-phase motors, in basic design, is made of plastic and it contains (beside a terminal plate) capacitors. The terminal box is equipped with a cable gland for cable connection to the power supply.


Motors are usually equipped with a maximum of two capacitors. If more than two capacitors are needed, they are delivered separately. All that provides additional confidence that your fans, pumps, compressors, or other drives or drive systems will be appropriately equipped with this modern motor series.

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