Social responsibility

In addition to the quality of its products, KONČAR-MES has acquired its position and status as a socially responsible company through its long-standing relationship with customers and business partners, as well as the quality of its relations with its employees, the environment and the entire social and economic environment. KONČAR-MES projects in the community are proof of the consistent implementation of KONČAR-MES principles and ethics in business.

We have established an environmental management system and achieved important results in waste and energy management. We continuously plan, implement, examine, and evaluate the effectiveness of the undertaken environmental activities. We use modern processes and technologies to improve energy and water utilization and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reports on CSR

Since March 2007, KONČAR – Electrical Industry has been a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative in corporate social responsibility, which brings the business sector, associations, and organizations together. Global Compact Members promote the application of the fundamental principles of ethical business in the area of human and labor rights, environmental protection, and fight against corruption.

The first report on corporate social responsibility (CSR) was announced by the KONČAR Group in 2006. The report refers to all the companies within the Group.

The reporting cycle is annual, and the reports are in line with the guidelines of Global initiative (GRI) and the principles of the Global Compact.




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