Special design of axial fans

Axial fans used for transformer cooling are part of the KONČAR-MES series of axial fans for cooling and air conditioning technology. High efficiency and low fan noise are achieved with a special version of blades (low pressure versions) with integrated construction of the fan housing with an intake mouth, and motor bracket with a safety net.

Many years of experience in the development and production of fans and electric motors guarantee advantages such as:

  • Low noise level with high air flow
  • High efficiency and low electricity consumption
  • Safe operation in all climatic conditions
  • Long service life and long service intervals
  • Special anti-corrosion protection for installation in open spaces
  • Performances that meet the requirements of other transformer manufacturers
  • Fan housing with integrated intake mouth
  • Adapted for all installation positions
  • Intake safety net integrated with engine mount
  • Light fan weight
  • Large number of housing and motor design options
  • Additional features – explosion protected design

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