Synchro-reluctant motors

Up to IE5 from 01/2015 according to DIN IEC 60034-30-1.

Synchronous reluctance motors developed by KONČAR-MES for utilities and industrial consumers to improve their system performance and efficiency while having a positive impact on the environment. These motors, delivered with a frequency converter to customers, make a complete package which enhances performance. Innovative rotor construction reduces losses and allows the use of a higher power density in the motor construction. These motors are delivered with efficiency in accordance with the IE4/IE5 efficiency level.



  • SynRM motor without permanent magnets: KSR 80-225
  • Power ratings: 0.75-45 Kw
  • Speed range: 1000/1500/3000 rpm



Benefits for the customer:

  • High efficiency – comparable to efficiency class IE4 or IE5
  • Reduces energy losses by up to 40% compared to conventional solutions
  • Return on investment – in many cases less than two years
  • Guaranteed total system efficiency and optimized process control
  • Simple and service-friendly design without magnets
  • Reliable thanks to cooler bearings and no rotor windings
  • Fully interchangeable with induction motors due to IEC compliance
  • Longer bearing maintenance intervals due to low operating temperature

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