Explosion protected motors

Explosion protected motors are characterized by high material quality, robust design, a high index of IP protection, bearings greased for life, weather and corrosion-resistant final overcoat and high dielectric strength insulation system intended to be feed by static frequency converter. The danger of explosion is always present in mining and many other industry sectors. The risk of explosion is always present when gases, vapors, mists or dust mix with air in explosive ratio near an ignition source so that there is a possibility of releasing the so-called minimum ignition energy. Explosion protected equipment is designed with various types of protection, so that, when properly used, it can prevent explosions if used properly. Local conditions must be divided into danger zones, defined by end-users together with the appropriate institution, according to the frequency and duration of appearance of an explosive gas atmosphere. Devices (equipment) are categorized according to designated zones. Motors are certified according to the Croatian standards by the authorized bodies: Ex-Agencija – Agency for Areas Endangered by an Explosive Atmosphere and CESI (Italy) for EU and IECEx Scheme.
Explosion protected motors produced by KONČAR-MES offer various advantages:

  • Motors are designed pursuant to Directive 94/9/EU (ATEX 95)
  • When using these devices, end-users meet requirements of Directive 1999/92/EU (ATEX 137)
  • Full-scale series of explosion-proof motors for protection from explosive gases or vapors
  • Single motor design is possible thanks to different catalog options
  • Request for special features and protections – on request
  • Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity for an adequate type of protection is delivered with each product

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