KONČAR – MES continuously trains and employs young people

KONČAR – MES motors are unique – and so are we!


We are proud of our highly qualified team, which ensures the product quality and service that our customers around the globe appreciate.

KONČAR – MES continuously trains and employs young people after graduating college to allow them to progress, learn, and achieve greater accomplishments.

One of them is Josip Vlahović Babić. The 32-year-old first started his apprenticeship at our company seven years ago. Having completed it, Josip is still a proud member of our team.

He is in charge of LEAN in the field of Design and electrical engineering. The scope of his activities includes optimization of workflow, technology, and new investments.


What is your role in KONČAR – MES?

My role in Končar – MES is motor design, electrotechnology design, and investment handling.

It involves researching, selecting, and monitoring a portfolio of assets that match our goals, risk profile, and timeframes.


How would you describe the company culture?

The culture in Končar-MES is calm, friendly, challenging, and professional.

After seven years in KONČAR – MES, I can say with certainty that I am surrounded by a great corporate culture. It involves open communication, mutual respect, shared goals, and a commitment to employee growth and development.


How do you stay busy outside of work?

There are quite a lot of activities that the company provides outside of work. For example, we play football once a week, and I also use the benefit of having a free chess club membership.


Curious what it’s like to work in KONČAR – MES?

More info https://koncar-mes.hr/en/archive/career/


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