KONČAR – MES finalist of the contest “Engineer of the Year” in Croatia

At KONČAR – MES, we have a dynamic team across our organization dedicated to providing best-in-class service. We are proud to Marina Medić as a key member of our engineering team and how she has been able to progress, learn, and achieve greater accomplishments in KONČAR – MES.

Read about Marina’s journey to success and role here at KONČAR – MES.

What is your role in KONČAR – MES?

This is my ninth year since I have been working in the company as an electrical engineer in the field of electrical design and development of electric motors. In addition to that I lead investment projects in the winding department. As a technologist I deal with research, testing and verification of new materials, machine programming, generally harmonizing production processes and implementing improvements through LEAN methodology.

 What is your life inspiration?

My life inspiration is driven by the relentless pursuit of growth, both personally and professionally. I am inspired by the idea of continuously challenging myself, learning from experiences, and evolving into the best version of myself. This drive for growth fuels my motivation to set ambitious goals, overcome obstacles and make meaningful contributions in all aspects of my life.

I don’t believe in hustle culture as the only way to succeed in business. Success is for me a natural consequence of good feeling, general satisfaction, constant learning and striving for more.

Overall, my life inspiration lies in the journey of self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence and the desire to make a difference while being a good role model to my children.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein

How would you describe the company culture and accomplishments that you achieved?

KONČAR – MES is specific precisely because of the people who make it up and drive forward. This really sounds like a cliché, but it’s important to have a good rating in this segment since we know that a positive and pleasant working environment is high on everyone’s priority list when it comes to job satisfaction criteria. In addition, the stability in business also contributes to this, which extends to financial security of employees, being extremely important for young people who are building up a family. I believe that in KONČAR – MES any additional efforts are really appreciated and valued, the preferences of the individual are listened to, as well as finding the most suitable area in which the individual will be most efficient and above all satisfied.

 How do you stay busy outside of work?

I enjoy reading and listening to topics that are not necessarily technical, moreover I am interested in the field of psychology, neurology, marketing, and of course, since I am a mother, everything related to kids nurture and educational methods. Cooking and spending time in the garden relaxes me most. I am also getting additional education in areas where I believe I can help and have a positive impact on others through my talents.

Finally, what you would like to emphasize as a conclusion to this contest?

In what is still a predominantly male industry, women bring special energy, creativity, drive, soft skills and calmness in stressful situations. It is extremely important and necessary to encourage all young people to be interested in the STEM field from an early age. Of course nothing should be forced just to fulfill certain gender quotas, but to provide opportunities and support those girls who have affinity for technology. Because, in the end, we need the best talents, not those who are appointed to some position only because they meet the needs of some quotas.

Unfortunately, until recently, the dominant belief was that mathematics is terrible, physics is for boys, calculations are difficult, experiments are for nerds, etc. This chain of negative connotations should be stopped and we should turn to engineering and technical sciences as something fun, lively, full of possibilities and challenges – regardless of gender, of course.



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