NEW Thermo Crimping Machine

NEW Thermo Crimping Machine in our production of low voltage motors. Specially developed to connect enamelled wires and cables that are normally used in the electromechanical industry for the construction of electric motors, transformers, coils, etc. The machine combines a high-speed cycle with reliability and repetitiveness of the connecting process.

Interface is simple and intuitive thanks to the touch screen operation panel with the software in charge for 249 programs with different power values, active and passive time, ramp time, number of repetitions, three different heating modes and sequence of programs.

Always looking ahead and how to speed up production and placement of final product benefits from this new machine will be firstly quality and speed of work from average 3 minutes to 30-50 seconds.

In addition to the machine, a smoke extractor with a carbon filter was also ordered, which purifies the generated vapors and thus eliminates the harmful impact on the environment and people, which shows that the company continuously takes care of the health of its employees and tries to integrate ISO 14001 standards through all aspects.



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