Warranty claims

Breakdowns in duty or damages detected on products before the expiry of warranty (claims form) need to be, if they are caused due to material faults or bad manufacturing quality, reported to the manufacturer, KONČAR-MES d.d., indicating the following data:

  • Deliver notice or invoice number for the delivered product
  • Catalogue code of the defective product (serial and code number)
  • Reason of the claim, description of the defect, related photos and/or videos


Note: The description “doesn´t work” will not be accepted; please state the actual problem.

Breakdowns in duty or damages due to inadequate use and careless transportation/storage/attaching are not deemed justified warranty claims during the period of warranty. The same also applies if the product, before it is returned to the manufacturer, was disassembled during the period of warranty.


Declaration of warranty

The quality management system introduced in KONČAR-MES d.d. is certified in accordance with the requests stated in ISO 9001. Based on this, regular operation of our products is ensured with rigorous process control and final inspection prior to shipment to the customer, on the grounds of which the warranty is issued. If despite this, irregular operation or disturbance in duty occurs, caused by bad manufacturing quality or material fault, we shall cover the costs of repair and reestablish the guaranteed validity of the product. Warranty is valid for 12 months in accordance with the General Terms of Sale or in accordance with the Contract from the date of product sale/collection. The customer shall follow the operation and maintenance instructions attached to every product.In case of complaint and claims on the delivered product, the customer shall provide the delivery note or invoice, which is also an equivalent to a warranty. If KONČAR-MES d.d. finds through inspection that the malfunction is caused by a product defect within the warranty period, and in accordance with the warranty, KONČAR-MES d.d. will bear all the costs of the repair. If it is found that the cause of malfunction on the product is outside the warranty period, the customer will bear all the costs of the repair.

Customer lose their warranty claims in case of:

  • Mechanical damage caused by the customer
  • Improper use or disassembly of the product, failure to comply with the provided instructions
  • Unauthorized disassembly of the product
  • Mechanical, chemical, thermal or any other damage due to aggressive environment or bad weather conditions
  • Dissatisfaction with the performance caused by improper product selection
  • Application with technically non-conforming products
  • Poor maintenance of the product as well as replacing parts of the product with non-original parts

KONČAR-MES d.d. shall not be held responsible for the loss of income, loss due to the inability of use, interruption of production, loss of jobs or indirect, immaterial, collateral, or consequential damage to the customer or any third party.



Electromotor and fan repairing

  • High-quality rewinding of a motor including winding examination
  • Possible purchase base on the “old for new” principle
  • Certified by the authorized body for servicing ATEX motors and fans
  • Services including shot blasting, machining, cutting, and balancing


The cornerstone of our quality is the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the 14001:2015 standard, for Environmental conservation management system.The quality we build is following the ISO 9001:2015 and the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system.The quality of our products and services is based on the implementation of leading standardized process management systems. KONČAR-MES is a long-time holder of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. In addition to the ISO standards, we pay great attention to speed and responsiveness in implementing customer requests, while ensuring continuous improvements to our products as well as to our services and customer support.


Quality Policy

By implementing the established Quality Policy, KONČAR-MES ensures the satisfaction of customers and business partners with the sustainability and reliability of its products and services, of the employees with the importance of their position and role in the company, of the owners through successful business operation, and of the broader social community by caring for employee safety and environmental protection.In this way, the owners and employees of KONČAR-MES are united to continously fulfill all the needs and expectations of their customers, business partners, and the community through continuous improvement of their business processes.


Therefore, the management board established a quality policy as a part of the company’s general business policy, along with the following goals:

  • Uniform quality of all products
  • Meeting needs and expectations of customers according to their specifications and contracts while respecting legal regulations and norms, as well as eliminating problems which can arise due to non-compliance with the contract, contract modifications or non-compliance with decisions
  • Technical features of products based on the world’s leading manufacturers’ standards and applicable standards
  • Customer participation in product development according to special requirements
  • Business stability and satisfaction of employees

The quality we build complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This is guaranteed by the system described in the Quality Manual and is based on meeting our customers’ demands.

Quality is generated in all segments of the business, in all stages of the production process and service delivery. It is guaranteed through the consistent application of a certified quality management system and continuous improvements. The quality management system is implemented and followed by all employees of the company according to their tasks and competencies, always and in all segments of the company’s operations.


Environmental protection management system

In addition to the quality management system, to improve our business operations in all aspects, we have introduced an environmental protection management system.

Consulting service

KONČAR-MES offers consulting service for from innovative engineering services in design and installation processes to monitoring systems and service contracts that promote the reliable and efficient operation of your electric motors.

Discover how we can help you improve quality, reduce maintenance needs, and extend the service life of your electric motors. Ranging from small, catalog units to very large electric motors, KONČAR-MES technologies and services are driving overall efficiency and reducing total operating costs for both OEMs and end-users.

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