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With your first use of the web location, it is deemed that you are fully acquainted with these Terms, that you understand them, and that you accept them. If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not access the web location, and do not use its content. If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding the Terms of Use, please contact us at marketing@koncar-mes.hr.


We reserve the right to change the layout and content of the web location and these Terms of Use. Therefore, we ask that you periodically review them to get acquainted with any potential changes. We will consider that your subsequent use of the web location represents your acceptance of any potential changes.


Terms of Use:

  • Copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • Warranties and denial of rights
  • Personal information protection, confidentiality, and cookies
  • Changes and termination
  • Terms of Use


Permitted use

Downloading and printing of any catalog, brochure, and/or form, and review of other materials and content at this address is only possible for personal purposes. It is prohibited to publicly broadcast, transmit, publish, alter, reproduce, distribute, take part in the transfer or sale of, make copies, circulate, or use the full content of the web location or any part of it, in any manner, or to select or adapt its content, without prior express written consent from KONČAR-MES and other holders of copyright and other intellectual property rights. If such permission is granted, it is not permitted to delete or alter existing information related to copyright and/or trademark or other intellectual property rights.


Use for commercial purposes

It is prohibited to use the web location for trade, sale, and other commercial purposes, other than for purchase from KONČAR-MES. No advertisement of, or inviting tenders for, products and services are permitted without written consent from KONČAR-MES. It is forbidden to transmit and publish obscene, offensive, vulgar, threatening, or rude or otherwise unacceptable or illegal content, as well as content that violates any rights of any party, and content containing viruses or other harmful material. Users shall take responsibility for any damage resulting from their activities that are not in accordance with the above mentioned, as well as for any other type of damage that might result from it. KONČAR-MES reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete, in whole or in part, the content published by users on the web location.


Images and videos

All photos, images, videos, biographical information of persons, and/or other materials appearing on the web location are solely owned by KONČAR-MES. The copyright and other intellectual property rights of all materials on the web location belong to KONČAR-MES. All rights reserved. Entities are granted permission to use these materials solely for advertising, editorial and informational purposes of publication in newspapers, journals, and electronic media. Other uses of materials from the web location are not permitted. In addition, it is not permitted to use any materials from the web location related to selling or offering to sell products or services of any kind. The defined permission and the manner of using the web location may not be transferred, subcontracted, or assigned, and any intended and attempted transfer, subcontracting or assignment will be considered null and void. By using the material from the web location, media users shall fully comply with the limits, conditions, and requirements set forth herein.


Warranties and denial of rights

KONČAR-MES shall make reasonable effort to publish accurate and up-to-date information on the web location, but it shall not be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of this information, and it does not give the right of objection in that respect. In addition to product warranties explicitly disclosed by KONČAR-MES, we emphasize that all materials and content on the web location should be taken “as they are”, and KONČAR-MES is not responsible for any possible consequences that may result from a different interpretation of materials and content on the web location. KONČAR-MES does not guarantee that the web location will always be accessible and available and that it will not contain errors or viruses. Each user explicitly accepts the use of the web location at their sole discretion.

KONČAR-MES is not responsible for any damage or injury (including, but not limited to, special or consequential damages) that may be the result of the use or inability to use any part of the web location, or the content published or added by other users to the web location.

Media entities and other users who use the web location explicitly agree to compensate KONČAR-MES for any claims, costs, damages, or liability resulting from the careless use of the material from the web location by the same user, including any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage.


Personal information protection, confidentiality, and cookies

KONČAR-MES can use the so-called cookies – a set of data that serves as your anonymous individual identifier the web location sends to your browser and stores on your computer. Cookies are used for the functioning of all web location features and better user experience.

When accessing a web location, cookies identify search parameters, but not the parameters of the user. Cookies cannot detect the user’s identity.

If you do not agree to their use, you can easily delete (or block) cookies on your computer using your browser settings. Find more information on cookies in the KONČAR-MES Privacy Policy, and further information on cookie management at your browser pages or at www.allaboutcookies.org. 

Since the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable better user experience when using our web location and its processes in the full range of their functionality, please note that by preventing or deleting cookies, you can disable the functionality of the web location features or cause a different look and feel in your browser.


Changes and termination of the Terms of Use

KONČAR-MES reserves the right to change or terminate all or any part of this web location and its Terms of Use at any given time. Changes shall come into effect with their publication at this web address or when users are notified about them. The Terms of Use shall apply until their termination by you or by KONČAR-MES. If they are terminated by you, which you can do at any given time, this means the termination of the use of the web location and the cancellation of all materials and content downloaded and used from the same web location.

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